IT Staffing, Training, Software Marketing & Development

ContourMinds, Inc. is a complete Information Technology solution company. We have successfully implemented solutions and staff project requirements for client ranging from small and medium sized companies to large corporation.

ContourMinds, Inc. technology expertise, proven track record, resources and infrastructure, together with a custom focused based on cost-effectiveness delivery and efficiency shows how we would be your ideal partner.

Whether your company is in a fast moving, rapidly growing sector or in a mature industry with limited avenues for growth, we can help you. Our holistic approach to creative strategy development will let you design a future for your organization that’s highly ambitious and achievable. Our experience and industry expertise will ensure you that you use the right tools for the job. We have earned a reputation of providing robust and quick solutions, which are reliable ranging from simple to the complex.

We combine a high level of customization and share the risks involved. Our tireless focus on performance comes from improving the bottom line and creating new sources of lasting values.

We combine broad strategic capabilities with deep functional skills to deliver value to our client. Our clients can attest to our fact based approach to problem solving and our promises to delivery specific measurable results.

Our services include Consulting, IT Staffing, Recruitment, Training, Software marketing and Software Development and Testing. We provide a complete range of creative, cost-effective solutions for business using state-of-art technologies.

In addition, we provide in-house training to our consultants. Our instructors are all highly qualified, certified and experienced professionals from the industry.

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