ASP.Net 4.5 Course Content (VB.Net / C#.Net)

  • Overview of the ASP.NET Framework
  • Using the Standard Controls
  • Using the Validation Controls
  • Using the Rich Controls
  • Designing Websites with Master Pages
  • Designing Websites with Themes
  • Creating Custom Controls with User Controls
  • Overview of Data Access
  • Using the SqlDataSource Control
  • Using List Controls
  • Using the GridView control
  • Using the DetailsView and FormView Controls
  • Using the Repeater and DataList Controls
  • Using the ObjectDataSource Control
  • Building Data Access Components using ADO.NET
  • Building and Designing Crystal Reports
  • Using the Navigation Controls
  • Using the Login Controls
  • Maintaining Application State
  • Caching Application Pages and Data
  • Localizing Applications for Multiple Languages
  • Web Services
  • Sample Project

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