SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Gain a 360-degree view of the processes and activities involved in developing and manufacturing products. From concept through delivery, you can integrate operations, support innovation, enable collaborations, and make informed decisions. By implementing our integrated PLM software-and-service package, you establish transparency and comply with industry regulations, by documenting production performance.

(A) Deliver high-quality products and reduce waste, throughout every phase of the product life cycle.
(B) Accelerate product development by integrating supply-chain and procurement management.
(C) Improve operations with tools to plan, measure, and track resources, safety, and maintenance
(D) Optimize productivity, via an easy-to-use, role-based portal that enables content delivery

Basic SAP GUI Navigation

  • Overview of SAP PLM with the key areas
  • Overview of ERP / SAP
  • Overview of SAP PLM
  • Life-Cycle Data Management
  • Life-Cycle Collaboration
  • Master Data Customization
  • Material Master
  • Bill of material
  • Routings
  • Work center

Engineering Change Management

  • Engineering Change Management ( ECM )
  • Change Master Record
  • Changes to Material Master, Bill of Materials, Documents, Task Lists ( Routings etc ) and Objects for Classification
  • Reporting Functions
  • Engineering Change orders and Engineering Change Requests
  • Change Processing with standard workflows.
  • Effectivity Parameter , Alternative dates
  • Change Hierarchies

Release Key

  • Effects of Change Management in Planning Process
  • Material Requirement Planning / Shop Floor Control
  • Change Management in Production Orders
  • ECM Configuration
  • Control data for ECM
  • Parameter Effectivity Configuration
  • Changes types- Change Master & Objects
  • Maintain Profile (Default values)
  • User status profile

Document Management ( DMS )

  • Document Management
  • Use of the document info record
  • Object links to other objects
  • Use of originals
  • Original storage in the secure area
  • Documents Distribution
  • Demo on Easy DMS
  • Redlining
  • DMS Configuration
  • Document types
  • Status Network of document type
  • Object linking to Doc type
  • Work station Application
  • Digital Signatures


  • Classification
  • Characteristics maintenance
  • Class maintenance
  • Object classification
  • Options for using the classification system to find objects
  • Class hierarchies and characteristic inheritance
  • Object dependencies in classification
  • Customizing, including maintaining class types and classifiable object types
  • Applications of classification
  • Engineering Change Management ( ECM )

Engineering Change Management

  • Change master record
  • Changes to material masters, bills of material, documents and task lists (such as routings)
  • objects for classification and variant configuration
  • Reporting functions
  • Engineering change orders and engineering change requests
  • Change processing with standard workflows
  • Parameter effectivity
  • Change hierarchies
  • Release key
  • Digital signature
  • Order change management (production orders) when master data or the sales order changes

Integrated Product & Process Engineering ( IPPE )

  • Integrated Product & Process Engineering
  • iPPE within Product Development
  • Company Scenarios with iPPE (Comparison with Industry solutions)
  • iPPE- Workbench
  • Product Variant Structure (PVS)
  • Structure- generic Nodes, Variants, Ideas and additional Object types in iPPE
  • iPPE- BOM- Converter
  • iPPE- Customizing
  • iPPE- Integration in Change Management, Project System and cFolders


  • Profitability Analysis Configuration
  • Basic Concept of cFolders
  • Collaborative Scenario
  • Competitive Scenario
  • Structured Objects
  • Authorizations
  • Services
  • Backend Integration
  • CProjects Overview
  • CAD Integration

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