SAP Quality Management

The Quality Management component (QM) is part of the integrated R/3 System. With the functions of the Quality Management (QM) module, you can implement the most important elements of a QM system, as specified in ISO 9000. These functions are complemented by other integrated application components of the SAP system (such as MM, SD, PP). The QM application component is not installed as a stand-alone solution, but is integrated in all areas of the SAP business system.

SAP Quality Management Course Outline

Basics of SAP Quality Management (SAP QM)

  • Basic SAP GUI Navigation
  • Integration of Quality Management in the supply chain – process- related overview
    • QM in procurement and sales
    • QM in production
  • Insight into QM functions:
    • Quality Planning
    • Quality Inspection
    • Quality Certificate
    • Quality Notification
    • Quality Control
    • Audit Management
    • Test Equipment Management
  • Potential for introducing Quality Management in companies

Quality Planning and Inspection

  • Managing QM-specific basic data
    • Sampling procedures
    • dynamic modification rules
    • master inspection characteristics
    • inspection methods
    • catalogs
    • coding
  • Inspection planning
    • Material specification
    • inspection plans,
    • engineering workbench,
    • engineering change management
  • Quality inspection process
    • Inspection lot processing
    • notification processing
    • defects recording
    • results recording
    • usage decision
  • Quality notification and SAP Business Workflow
  • Evaluation methods in QM
  • Reports and analyses based on inspection lots, inspection results, and notifications

Quality Management in Logistics

  • Inventory management with QM, inspection stock, and inspection lot
  • Goods receipt and goods issue inspection
  • Inspections of goods movements
  • Control of the procurement process
    • Vendor release, model processing
    • Model processing
    • Vendor’s QM system
  • Procurement documents and certificates on the Internet
  • Planning and creating quality certificates for outbound deliveries

Quality Management in Discreet Manufacturing

  • Integration of quality management into manufacturing processes
  • Inspection point processing based on times or quantities
  • Use of SPC techniques
  • Inspection processing for repetitive manufacturing and external processing
  • Partial lot processing and incoming inspection from manufacturing
  • Test equipment management and integration with Enterprise Asset Management

Quality Management in the Process Industry

  • Basics of the classification system in connection with QM
  • Basics of batch management in connection with QM
  • Sample management
  • Integration of QM in the production process
    • Master recipe and QM
    • Process order and QM
    • PI sheet and QM
  • Basics of certificate processing
  • Batch monitoring using recurring inspections
  • QM-specific requirements in the process industry:
    • Digital signature
  • Electronic batch log

Quality Management in Sales & Distribution / Quality Certificates

  • Integration of QM in Sales & Distribution
  • Planning and creation of quality certificates for finished products including linking of materials from the production chain
  • Inspection processing during delivery
  • Inspection specifications from variant configuration
  • Customer complaints and returns
  • QDI electronic quality data exchange
  • Quality certificates on the Internet

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