SAP Sales and Distribution

SAP SD is the Sales and Distribution module of the SAP ERP software package from SAP AG. Sales and Distribution is integrated with other modules such as MM, PP and QM. SAP SD is all about managing the sales resources of an organization. The main functionality within SD includes Sales Order Management, Pricing, Delivery and Shipping, Billing or Invoicing.

SAP SD Course Outline

Introduction to ERP

  • ERP Packages
  • Introduction to SAP
  • Functions and Objectives of SD
  • SAP Real Time Project Team Structure and Business Process
  • SAP R/3 Architecture and Navigation
  • Processes in Sales and Distribution

Enterprise Structure

  • Client, Company, Company code, Credit Control Area, Business Area.
  • Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division –Sales Area.
  • Sales Office, Sales group, Sales Person.
  • Plant, Storage Location, Lean Warehouse Management.
  • Shipping Point, Loading Point, Transportation Planning Point.
  • Unloading Point, Receiving Point, Department.

Business Processes

  • Inquiry.
  • Quotation.
  • Standard Order.
  • Delivery.
  • Billing.
  • Incoming Payments.

Master Data

  • Customer Master Data.
  • Material Master Data.
  • Customer Material Information Record.
  • Item Proposal.
  • BOMS (Bills of Materials: Single and Multiple-Level).
  • Conditions (Pricing /Discounts/Freight/Taxes etc).
  • Common Distribution Channels/Common Divisions.

Special SD Business Processes

  • Cash Sales.
  • Rush Order.
  • Free Of Charge Deliveries.
  • Free Of Charge Subsequent Deliveries.
  • Third Party Order.
  • Individual Purchase Order.
  • Contracts.
  • Scheduling Agreements.
  • Consignment Stock Process.
  • Inter – Company Sales Processing.
  • Returnable Packaging.
  • Returns.
  • Credit Memo/ Debit Memo.
  • Invoice Correction Request.
  • Make- to- Order.
  • Project Systems.

Basic Functions

  • Condition Technique.
  • Pricing with Scales.
  • Free Goods (Inclusive & Exclusive types).
  • Material Determination.
  • Material Listing /Exclusion.
  • Dynamic Product Proposal.
  • Cross Selling.
  • Partner Determination.
  • Account Determination.
  • Output Determination.
  • TEXT Determination.
  • Credit Management / Risk Management.
  • Availability Check and TOR.
  • In completion Log.
  • Credit Management.
  • Rebates.


  • Shipping Doc types.
  • Item Category.
  • Picking / Packing.
  • PGI (Post Goods Issue).
  • Incoterms.


  • Billing Document Types.
  • Billing Plans (Periodic Billing / Milestone Billing).
  • Rebate Processing.

Sales Information System (SIS)

  • Info structures.
  • Standard Analyses.
  • Flexible Analyses.

Integration Concepts

  • Integration with SAP FICO
  • Integration of MM with SD
    • Stock Transport Order (STO)
    • Intra Company Stock Transfer
    • Inter Company or Cross Company Stock Transfer
  • Integration of SD with PP
  • Integration of SD with QM

Additional Topics

  • LSMW
  • SAP SD Reports
  • User Exists and BADIs
  • Experiences from Implementations (Case Studies and Project)
  • Interview Question

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