SAP Supplier relationship management software delivers procure-to-pay excellence (SAP SRM)

Boost contract spending and enforce compliance with procurement guidelines. With our supplier relationship management software, you can automate, simplify, and accelerate your business’ procure-to-pay processes for goods and services.

  • Reduce procurement costs by closing the loop from source to pay
  • Streamline the purchase of goods and services
  • Automate operational processes to reduce purchasing errors, eliminate manual tasks, and avoid maverick buying
  • Build collaborative supplier relationships and integrate suppliers into your procurement processes
  • Accelerate procurement order and invoicing cycle times

SAP SRM Course Outline

Enterprise Buyer

  • Enterprise Buyer procurement processes
  • Enterprise Buyer scenarios
  • Roles in Enterprise Buyer

Backend Integration Principles

  • Enterprise Buyer architecture
  • Elements of an e-procurement scenario
  • Integration principles
  • Integration configuration
  • System communication


  • Elements and maintenance of an organizational structure
  • User administration


  • SAP Business Workflow
  • Workflow usage
  • Approval options

Master Data

  • Business partner, product master, product category
  • Replication of master data

Catalog Management

  • Catalog definition and scenarios
  • Product catalog, supplier catalog and catalog interfaces (OCI/OPI)
  • SAP Catalog Content Management
  • Requisite components

Self-Service Procurement

  • Shopping cart
  • Backend follow-on documents
  • Account assignment
  • Confirmations
  • Invoices


  • Purchaser roles and processing of purchase orders
  • Conditions and contracts
  • Sourcing
  • Bidding and auctioning
  • Vendor list

Service Procurement

  • Procurement of external services (temporary labor)
  • Integration with service procurement in SAP backend system

Plan-Driven Procurement

  • Plan-driven procurement


  • Integration principles
  • ITS concept
  • Monitoring tools

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